Answers to Cedar Roofing Questions

What is the difference between a shake and a shingle?

Generally, a shingle is sawn on both sides and is thinner at the butt than a shake, which is typically split on one or both sides. However, there are important exceptions to this, depending on the specific manufacturing method and the dimensions of a specific product. Shakes and shingles are also installed differently on a roof. Cedar Roofs Only ensures that the same size and type of shakes are used. With all the bad cedar shakes or shingles replaced and the roof cleaned and treated with cedar guard we guarantee a leak free roof in writing for 5 to 10 years. If you have any further questions or need an estimate please feel free to call anytime at 835-ROOF(7663). We are here to answer any questions regarding your cedar roof.

Why should I do anything to my roof?

Although wood is a renewable resource, cedar and redwood, in particular, do not grow rapidly. It takes 200 – 400 years for a tree to reach the diameter and height necessary to have long sections of clear knot-free wood. For this reason, cedar has become a diminishing resource that cannot be readily replaced. Cedar will be increasingly difficult to find and more expensive to buy as it becomes scarce.Reconditioning your roof saves trees,money and friendly to the environment.

How does the wood get cracks?

Cracks occur from the wood being stressed with moisture then sun over and over. The wood expands and contracts creating tiny hairline cracks, which overtime get larger.Treating the cedar with cedar guard helps stop the cracking.

What causes moss and algae to grow only on one side of my roof?

Moss and algae are usually found on roofs when there is not enough airflow and sun on the roof to keep it dry. The north side is vulnerable, as is any portion that is shaded most of the time.

Do I need to clean my roof before treatment?

Yes you do need to clean off the dirt, debris and other matter on the wood so it is clean enough to absorb the treatment. And a garden hose is not sufficient,so we use a lower pressure with a high volume system which ensures no damage.You would not put wax on a dirty car, would you?

Can power washing hurt my roof?

Inexperience and high pressure can damage cedar roofs. We have used the low pressure, high volume system since 1990. Experience is a must! All staff go through extensive training to ensure proper methods are used. All they do is work on cedar roofs full time.We do not sub contract out any work or have any part time employees to ensure top quality.

How do I know if my roof is too old to treat?

Every cedar roof is different. Some are 12 years old and too late to treat, where others can be as old as 23 years and can be reconditioned. We offer a free written inspection report by a qualified cedar roof inspector. Typically it is best to replace ridge caps, do minor repairs and wash and treat between 8 and 15 years. The longer you put it off the more repairs it will require. Call us for a free inspection

What parts of the roof wear out first?

The first part to wear out is the ridge cap. Ridge cap is usually replaced 1-2 times during the life of the roof. Next the flashing areas around the chimneys, roof jacks and valleys. The south and southeastern exposures will get the most sun.The north side, or any area that is constantly shaded, would be an area to watch, as well.

What does good roof maintenance consist of?

Keep the roof clean, trim back overhanging limbs, clean out valleys and gutters every year. Check every spring or after severe storms for visual damage. Splitting ridge caps, dryrot and the splitting of shakes and or curling should be dealt with. It will save you thousands of dollars and give you peace of mind with our written guarantee.

Can I really make the wood last longer?

Yes, it has been proven by several independent agencies. The Forest Service Products Research Lab in Madison, WI, the Forest Products Lab at Texas AM, Oregon State University, the Forest Products Lab of the University of California at Richmond, CA, and others, have done extensive weatherization tests which show that using a good preservative will increase the life expectancy of wood for many years.

I like the natural look. Why do I need a pigmented product?

Pigment is the primary ingredient that protects the wood from ultra-violet rays. Ultra-viloet rays from the sun are the ones that “gray” the wood. When you see wood starting to gray, you can be sure UV is damaging it.

How does UV damage the wood?

When UV hits the wood it starts being absorbed by the lignin, which is the material that binds the wood cells together. Once destroyed, the lignin washes out of wood, exposing the cellulose fibers, which are white. This is why the wood looks gray.

Why don’t the natural oils and resins in cedar and redwood prevent this from happening?

They do, at first, but the infrared rays from the sun draws out the oils and resins. This lessens their ability to protect the wood because when the oil and resins (extractives) come to the surface, rain will wash them away.

How do preservatives help the moisture problem?

The main purpose of wood preservatives is to put the oil and resins back into the wood, which repels the water and hardens the shakes.Allowing the shakes to breathe is essential.